Allentown Homeownership Incentive Program

Living In Allentown

The Place to Live

Allentown is quickly becoming the place to work and play in the Lehigh Valley, so why not live here too? The revitalization of this vibrant community gives employees of participating companies the opportunity to enjoy the benefits of all the healthy changes to the downtown area. Thanks to the Live Near Your Work program, people who work downtown now have the chance to live downtown as well. There are several benefits to homeownership–especially homeownership in downtown Allentown.

Local Events:

Urban community living has so many things to offer its residents, and Allentown is no different. The Live Near Your Work boundary ensures that if you buy a home, you will most likely walk less than ¾ mile to work every day. That allows you to save time and money on commuting, and also gives you more time for things that you enjoy. The convenience of walking to work is something that cannot be overlooked. You can easily come home for lunch every day, or stop home in the afternoon to let your dogs out. You can easily return downtown at night to enjoy dinner or a concert with friends or family.

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The City of Allentown

Allentown is Pennsylvania’s third-largest city and the epicenter for development in the Lehigh Valley. It features two Fortune 500 Companies, four major hospitals and 11 institutions of higher education within the Allentown Metro area.

Upside Allentown

Upside Allentown is a Neighborhood Partnership Program (NPP) aimed at building on the momentum created by recent redevelopment efforts in downtown Allentown that will benefit the neighborhoods directly adjacent to downtown.

Hamilton District

Right here in downtown Allentown you’ll find the commercial and cultural heart of the Lehigh Valley – the Hamilton District. Our unique ethnic restaurants, our historic arts district, our businesses – and our people – make this a vibrant center of activity. Here, visitors can discover a wide array of taste, culture, entertainment and history.

Old Allentown Preservation Association

The mission of the Old Allentown Preservation Association is to preserve and foster pride in the neighborhood through communication, education and social interaction. Its goal is to promote urban living, diversity and Allentown’s architectural legacy and heritage.

7th Street District

Long considered the gateway to the city of Allentown, 7th Street is a thriving, vibrant commercial and residential district. With the many changes in the past few years, 7th Street is fast becoming a Lehigh Valley destination.

Allentown Chamber of Commerce

The Greater Lehigh Valley Chamber of Commerce’s mission is to improve the economy and quality of life in the Lehigh Valley Metropolitan Area.

City Center Lehigh Valley

City Center Lehigh Valley is dynamic new development that has transformed Downtown Allentown, Pennsylvania, into one of America’s most vibrant urban communities and the region’s hub for business, culture and metropolitan living.

Discover Lehigh Valley

Discover Lehigh Valley wants to make sure the whole planet knows about the Lehigh Valley. It has spent nearly three decades building the Lehigh Valley into a bustling leisure and business travel destination while boosting the local economy.

West Park

The West Park Civic Association exists to preserve, protect, enhance and promote West Park and its surrounding neighborhood area.

West End Theatre District

This district is home to more than 150 businesses and shops that serve residents and visitors alike. At the heart of it all is the Civic Theatre, dating back to the “Roaring ‘20s. The Civic Theater serves as the epicenter and the heart and soul of the West End Theater District.